Call For Papers

NDC Lightning 2017 is an inspiring evening of lightning talks.

Taking place on 26th of October NDC Lightning aims at inspiring inexperienced speakers with a speaking ambition.

Submit to this event if you would like to test your speaking skills in a non-hostile, positive atmosphere. There will be no session voting or “best talk” competitions. Speakers will get feedback from coaches.

Format and duration
Lightning talks are 10 minute presentations.

Here are some suggestions for topics:

  • Front-end web and mobile technologies
  • Server-side and cloud technologies
  • Embedded and IoT technologies
  • Software design and project management
  • Social implications of computing
  • Functional programming and other programming paradigms
  • Programming languages
  • Everything else...

Who should submit
Submit if you have something to say, but haven’t said it. We’re looking for inexperienced speakers.

What do we mean by inexperienced speakers?
You may have done internal business presentations and a few user group presentation, but no formal conference talk.

There will be a coach in each room to give feedback on your presentation. There will be no voting or ranking of talks.

Talks at NDC Lightning are not recorded.

The call for papers closes on 1 October, 2017.

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Hope to see you at in Oslo this October.

Best regards
The NDC Team